745 Central Drive - Presque Isle, Maine

Telephone: (207) 764-4125           [email protected]

We provide a safe, drug and alcohol free environment for individuals and families to live in while they get connected to the resources andWhat We Do At Homeless Shelter of Aroostook services in the community. We also provide all meals, towels, bedding, laundry facilities, and professional involvement designed to educate and break the cycle of homelessness.

Since we are a family oriented shelter with around a hundred of individuals, including around 30 children, staying with us every year, all of our policies, rules and expectations are established to maintain peace and safety.

We provide case management services for every resident and family, developing a plan of action to accomplish goals and then monitor progress.

We understand that every set of circumstances which would lead someone to us for help are unique, so we treat all of our residents with dignity and respect, providing hope and encouragement.


PO Box 1753, 1 Midway Drive
Presque Isle, Maine
Telephone:(207) 762-6000

Sister Mary O'Donnell
Emergency Homeless Shelter
Aroostook Bridge

745 Central Drive
Presque Isle, Maine
Telephone:(207) 764-4125