Sister Mary O’Donnell Emergency Homeless Shelter

  • Our emergency homeless shelter for families and individuals is a program based operation. The program is simple. We provide internal case management services in cooperation with case managers from our sister agencies, establishing a plan to meet each person’s or family’s needs and then monitor the plan’s progress, holding everyone accountable for the goals mutually set. While progress is being made on each established plan, shelter support staff manage and address the daily needs of the shelter residents.

Transitional Housing

  • Transitional Housing provides low income subsidized 2 and 3 bedroom units to families with children renewed annually. The goal of transitional housing is to provide temporary affordable housing while families work to become self-sufficient. Parents must employed or taking classes to improve their financial situation. Families pay only their portion of the rent (determined by Presque Isle Housing Authority, Maine Housing, AMHC, or other rent subsidy agency), cable bill, phone bill, and electricity each year.

      Transitional Housing Eligibility Requirements

Targeted Case Management

  • Over the years, we’ve relied on sister agencies to provide this case management service for households receiving Maine Care. We now provide this service ourselves for families in our Emergency Shelter, Transitional Housing, and in the community. Our holistic approach of providing a much higher level of service through a deeper level of understanding of families in crisis has produced great success.